GrA | Custom Forged - Montecarlo Wheel 8.5x16
GrA | Custom Forged - Montecarlo Wheel 8.5x16
GrA | Custom Forged - Montecarlo Wheel 8.5x16

GrA | Custom Forged - Montecarlo Wheel 8.5x16

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The classic Montecarlo wheel, CNC machined from a forged aluminium billett and barell. Available in 7-9" width from 14-16" in PCD's from 4x98-5x100 E-Mail us with your specific enquiries 

Shown is a 8.5x16 Version CNC machined from Aerospace grade alloy, for maximum strength, the Montecarlo Gr.A wheels by 

Exclusive Gr.A wheel design, as used by the official Martini Lancia Delta HF integrale works team in the 1990 season on the Lancia Delta HF integrale 16V and also later in the 1991 season in Delta HF integrale Evoluzione

Forged wheels are the true top-of-the-line when it comes to manufacturing process, thus also used on high performance cars from factory. They start as a solid block of billet aluminum, which then has heat and pressure applied until it forms the shape of a wheel and gets finally CNC machined.

This process makes forged wheels incredibly dense, while still allowing them to be 25-30%  lighter than cast wheels, despite three times the strength. The forging process allows for more strength with less materials, which means additional room for things like larger brake components.

Cast wheels can be up to 4.5kg heavier in the same design and dimension compared to a forged wheel.  Straight line performance gains, due to the fact, that less energy is needed to accellerate the wheels as these are working like an energy storage absorbing the kinetic energy.

All wheels are bespoke made to customer specification, thus width, diameter, ET and colors are always customizable. Therefore all order take an average of 6-8 weeks for production, contact us for further infos. 

Wheel decals and and fitting material are sold separately, see separate section for Nuts and Studs kits.

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