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Lancia Delta HF integrale Rosso Monza with OZ style Aero wheels sitting behind two Speedline Corse 5 spoke Race/Rallye wheels
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What do we - HFintegrale.ch - stand for?

When Gr.B was banned from the rally stages, beginning in 1987, the World Rally Championship shifted to production-based Group A cars. Lancia responded by adapting the 4x4 system from the preceding Group B S4 to the Lancia Delta HF. The resulting Delta HF 4WD and later Integrale, would go on to become the most successful rally car of all time, winning the World Rally Championship for six consecutive years, from 1987 through 1992.

The ultimate homologation version of the Integrale was the Evoluzione, built in 1991–1992 with a 16-valve engine producing 210 bhp in street tune. Although the Integrale would go on to win an astonishing sixth WRC championship in private hands, in 1992 Lancia retired from factory competition and commemorated its already-impressive five consecutive world championships with the first of a series of Special Edition Evo 1s the Martini 5 wearing the iconic Martini Racing livery of Lancia’s long-term Works team sponsor. The legendary Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione continues to set the standard, still after so many years, for performance and road-handling. Due to its high market demand, even with the successor Delta 836 already in production, the EVO2 was born in 1993 for the emission regulated Markets such as Switzerland, where a 3 way catalitic converter was mandatory. Followed then by a series of Limited and also Special Editions.

We have been infected with this cars devorating the magazines, in kids age, with reviews of this icon. Since then it never has let us go. Switzerland next to Japan and Italy was one of the main Export markets for this iconic model and instant classic. Here in switzerland it was mainly due the handy reason being an capable 4x4 car and so predestinated for the swiss alps, harsh weather conditions and roads. Switzerland had a deep love for this car and still has, giving a good and warm shelter.

Our mission is to preserve this icon as a platform for exchange, to keep these car running on the roads all over the world, serving customers from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, USA, Argentina, Brasil and all over Europe.

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