Lancia Delta HF integrale buyers Guide

Buyers Guide

We will soon publish a Video guide for all prospect Lancia Delta HF integrale Drivers around the world. Don't hesitate to contact us with specific questions or if you need any advise buying a Lancia Delta, we offer mediation and car consulting and are able to help you out to find you the best available car that suits your specific needs.


Lancia Delta HF integrale Tuning Guide

Check out the first steps in our already mighty (old) tuning guide, which to some extend is still absolutely up to date and interessting, check it out. More to come here for sure.

Download here the "How to kill a Duck pecker" Lancia Delta Tuning Guide


How all started

Before writing a review i.e. buyers guide i need to go back a few years and tell you my own story about the Lancia Delta HF integrale and where it all started for myself. Go back means going back to the early '90s in neat Lancia Dealership close to Zürich where it came to my first close encounter of the third kind.

A childhood star that won (almost) any 0-100 Km/h challenge in the magazines of the time, standing in front of me. The walls of the dealership full of Posters of a icon already winning the World Rally championship 3 times in a row on rally stages all over the world. These where the years when WRC Rally Racing and winning the Montecarlo was worth a prime time TV News Story, good old days one might say... 


Lancia Delta HF integrale the Workshop