Lancia Delta 2021 Auction Results

Lancia Delta Auctions gone Wild again, either good or bad News $

One thing we can't say is whether or not we're really happy about the current development. The current auction results show that there are practically no limits upwards.

It grows in me the impression that many of the people who currently buy these vehicles, do not really know the matter and there is such a huge hype around these vehicles, as it was unseen in the past twenty years. Which has the consequence, that also junk and vehicles which should be better scrapped now are supplied back into the market. What on the one hand certainly makes owners partly happy, the other perhaps less, because you no longer dare to move the vehicles out of the garage box.

We are still talking about a car that is not really rare in the true sense of the word. A Lancia Hyena which is a true unique and rare piece of automotive history achieved not so long ago only half the result that the Edizione Finale realized, although a Final Edition is an interesting vehicle, anything but really rare compared to a Hyena. We've see that lately a lot of vehicles are somewhat spruced up to change afterwards for capital sums the unsuspecting owner.

Lancia Delta HF integrale 16V RM Sothebys Auction Result

Like we already predicted but what was not hard to foresee is that the 8V and 16V versions have now also increased in price by leaps and bounds, nevertheless to catch a really good specimen there very often proves to be the needle in the haystack, even more then find a good EVO version. Thus, the first vehicles that have veteran status here in Switzerland have already changed hands, for sums around the € 40K region. Also the low mileage Lancia Delta HF integrale 16V offered at RM Sotheby's Auction in April was Estimated at € 75-90K but not track of the final price so far on the website.

This tendency is also shown by the result of the Classic Car Auction where a 16V changed hands for UK£ 27K, i.e. around € 32K by looking at the car it had a few modifications from new and a few original parts missing, but nontheless it reached a interesting hammer price.

Lancia Delta HF integrale 16V Classic Car Auction Result Page

The jackpot was certainly hit by Silverstone Auction with the Edizione Finale, which achieved a fabulous price of UK£ 218K. This just in a moment where we thought it could not go up any more and even we were taught better. We still see a big hunger in the US market and it seems to be far from saturated. In the Japanese dealer auctions cars are going for double what they were 5 years ago, including many vehicles with questionable pasts.

Lancia Delta HF integrale Final Edition Silverstone Auction

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