Lancia Delta HF Lightweight Steel Flywheel

Lancia Delta TL-EVO Flywheel

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Lancia Delta TL-EVO Flywheel is like it's name "Trackday Lite EVO" already suggesting, a Flywheel that is designed and tested to handle the trackday punishment. Here the further reduced weight of 1.2kg in the flywheel, compared to the street version, aims for the better performance instead of allaround driving quality.

It can be used with any aftermarket 184mm style clutch kit. Contact use for your bespoke application:

The Convex Design and machining allows to keep the weight in the outer radius low and concentrate it in the center, allowing for higher weight/strength ratio while reducing at the same time the torque arm length. The Flywheel comes already pre-balanced for straightforward install.

Weight 3.2kg

Note: Center crankshaft guide needs to be switched from the original flywheel to allow proper installation.

Pro Typ: Use LOCTITE 243 to securely lock  the crankshaft guide into the new Flywheel

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