The New Cutting Edge of Suspension Technology

We are proud to introduce the new generation of shock absorbers from INTRAX. Now also available for your Lancia Delta HF integrale EVO and 8/16V versions. The dream of many to have an individual damper adjustment depending on the current driving situation, comfortably from the driver's seat, to adjust the damper characteristics and adapt it to the changing road and driving conditions. Each INTRAX suspension is manufactured on customer request and all parameters are taken into account to have an individual product tailored to the personal driving style and needs.

INTRAX Electronic Damper Control for Lancia Delta not Öhlins
The ECU Damper integrated with the Piggy Back Anti Roll Control System
current photos are showing the System installed for a MINI 

ECU Electronic Damper Control for Lancia Delta not Öhlins
The control unit with plugs with two separate channels front and rear

Electronic Damper Control for Lancia Delta not Öhlins
The Brain in a neat Package separate Channels front and rear

See here for an overview of all units where this system is available


Visit from abroad - Having the Israeli Rally Champ with us! 

It's always a great pleasure when Deltisti from all over the world stop by and visit us here in Switzerland and always great to see and talk with such passionate people 


Lancia Delta HF from Greece - Visits from abroad


RM Sotheby's Open-Road online Auction

Lancia Delta HF integrale 16V rosso monza RM Sotheby's Open Road Auction

RM Sotheby's has a 16V up for sale with with very little Mileage at the 
RM I Online Only - OPEN ROADS coming April 21.-29. 2021 this might
be a interesting indicator for coming price development in the HF integrale
market, especially for the non-Evo versions, that in the past few years have
had increasing demand once the Evo models skyrocket to incredible price
levels in the past years. With an estimate of € 75-90K has a black leather
interior from Factory that we normally have seen only to be used in the
1.6 HF Turbo, we crossed checked with the Fiat systems and it seems
to be legit. So even we come across, after so many years, new
configurations that we’ve never seen before like it.

You never finish to learn 😊

Check the full article on RM Sotheby’s website for yourself click here

08.03.2021 Lancia Delta Power Packages

Finally available the Lancia Delta Power Packages, bespoke setups that can be tailored and configured to suit your specific applications and needs contact us now for more Infos and enquiries 

Lancia Delta Power Packages Leistung und Turbotechnik



The Scottsdale Auction - Another shout of triumph for the Lancia Delta

Lancia Delta HF Martini 5 - Scottsdale Auction Results
Photo Copyright by Bonhams

As one of the many online observers of the auction, it seemed a bit laggy at the beginning, as bids for the lot 116 where only dripping in slowly, not an easy task for the Bonhams Auctioneer at the Scottsdale Auction to get the right momentum going. But in the end it marked a new all time high for the Lancia Delta HF integrale EVO Martini 5 with US$ 182’000.- absolutely impressing and another sign that the US Market is still hungry for this Rally Icon and price drop is for sure not a subject in 2021. 

Visit the Bonhams site for more informations and photos: Read More

22.02.2021 the Turbotechnik Specialist - Powered by
Home of the HF integrale - often imitated never duplicated!

Lancia Delta powered by Home of HF integrale
Lancia Delta 360° Thrust Bearing Gr.A CHRA by

Are you looking for a bespoke turbo solution? We are a prime supplier to many Lancia Delta Specialist Workshops around the globe.

Not only are we able to rebuild your Turbo with genuine Garrett T3 spare parts, a rebuild on our hand is not only based on the replacement of seals and bearings with a rebuild kit but always includes the complete centre rotating housing assembly short CHRA to be replaced using always genuine Garrett parts.

This means with the CHRA you not only get just new seals and bearings, like on most rebuilds. With us all rotating parts such as the highly compromised Turbine wheel and the Turbine-Shaft which is prone to wear is replaced with its factory balanced CHRA assembly. Are you planning to upgrade your turbo to race specification? We work with ex Abarth factory suppliers to rebuild the turbos to Gr.A specifications.

Are you planning to modernize the turbocharger with state-of-the-art internals? We got the options to do so, we use GTX and GTXII running gear depending on your needs by modifying the original exhaust housings (beware of imitations!) and replacing the running gear of your existing turbo. Allowing so to use your stock exhaust and manifold, the perfect stealth power upgrade solution for your Lancia Delta HF integrale. 

Wanna know more about our Turbo Technik Options click here: Read More


The Lancia Delta Öhlins update

Öhlins Lancia Delta HF by Speedshop the Cartech Turbotechnik supplier

The Lancia Delta Öhlins Suspension Option by

Following the saying: "The better is the enemy of the good" we've custom build a Öhlins Suspension for a customer and his Lancia Delta HF Integrale EVO. After buying the Öhlins Suspension and installing it out of the Box in his 1993 Lancia Delta EVO2 the customer was not happy with the behaviour of the car.

He reached us therefore and we specced the spring rate settings with our broad experience grown with our House Brand INTRAX that helped us to find the best choice and compromise in spring rates. Having less adjustable damping range on the Öhlins compared to the INTRAX it was not an easy task, but we found a good compromise. Plus we had also fixed Top Mounts produced for this car.

So contact us if you’re interested in buying a new suspension for your Lancia Delta HF Integrale and EVO models, I’m sure we can give you some advice for the best solution to choose for your specific application.

We’re not only strong in Lancia Delta Turbotechnik but also in Suspension CarTechnology all solutions are powered by contact us for any enquiries relative to your Lancia Delta HF.

Click here to find out more about our suspension options: Read More 


Updated Lancia Delta "Buyers Guide" online

Are you planning to buy an HF integrale or already a owner? Check out our Buyers Guide page, we've it updated with some new content and having a Chat about the Lancia Delta History, just let us know if you got any questions

Just Click on the Delta Photo Below to reach out our new content!

Lancia Delta HF integrale 8V


Lancia Delta HF integrale Tuning Guide

Check out the first steps in our already mighty (old) tuning guide, which to some extend is still absolutely up to date and interessting, check it out. More to come here for sure.

Download here the "How to kill a Duck pecker" Lancia Delta Tuning Guide

22.01.2021 Are you in need for a Rally Monster?

The ultimate Gr.B Monster in your Garage or on some special stages? Well if you're in ultimate need for one, here is your chance. The Artcurial Auction House is putting one of these machines up for sale. Run with Miki Biasion and also Bruno Saby in the Martini livery. The Estimate is an average € 700'000.- take your chance the 5th of February 2021
Lancia Delta S4 up for sale Auction
Check out their site for more infos

21.01.2021 Another Lancia Delta Martini 6 sold at Bonhams

They did it again, another Lancia Delta has been sold at the Bonhams
Scottsdale online auction. The bidding at the beginning was a little bit
unmotivated, maybe also due to the missing live bidders.

Lancia Delta HF integrale Martini 6 at Bonhams Scottsdale Auction

The hammer hit at USD 162'500.- this before inevitable auction fees. So the
Delta Market does still perform strong. Our guess that the US Market has still a urge to buy these cars has been proven right.

Check also our Auction Results Page

14.01.2021 Check out our new Phase 2 Short Shifter

The Exclusive Lancia Delta HF integrale Short Shifter Kit. 

The Phase 2 Lancia Delta HF integrale Short Shift kits are like no other, until you feel the action of one for yourself, the throw is drastically reduced, the precision of the engagement is spot on and last but not least the height of the shifter knob is in perfect drivers position and also ecstatically pleasing.

Further improved CNC machined support turret and now also available a wide range of carbon covers with different Alcantara Covers that can be personalized to your personal taste and needs.

Klick here for more information or order 

4.07.2019 The Lancia Delta HF integrale IAW Diagnosis Monitor

More informations about the Monitor visit the dedicated page 

30.06.2019 Lancia Delta HF integrale Exhaust Line

We updated our product section, go and check out our revisited 70mm / 2.75"
Exhaust Lines in our product page Exhaust Lines

01.06.2019 Lancia Delta HF Integrale Edizione Finale 

Lancia Delta HF integrale EVO Final Edition - Edizione Finale
For Sale, Zu verkaufen, Vendesi:

One of the last Lancia Delta HF integrale EVO Final Edition
is up for sale, check out our Car Sales Page

11.05.2019 Short Shifter

Our beloved and now for some time sold out Short Shifter is available soon in a limited edition Run. Check our product page under drivetrain for further infos: Short Shifter Kit



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