Lancia Delta Öhlins Suspension Setups
Lancia Delta HF integrale

Lancia Delta Öhlins Suspension Setups

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Lancia Delta Öhlins Suspension Setups

Following the saying: "The better is the enemy of the good" 

Are you unhappy with your current Öhlins suspension setup?

We found customers to be unhappy with the standard Öhlins suspension setup for the Lancia Delta. We're able to respec the spring rate settings with our broad experience grown with our House Brand INTRAX that helped us to find the best choice and compromise in spring rate. Plus we're also able to supply fixed Top Mounts for the Lancia Delta in case someone wants a more stealth look.

Book your personal Consulting

So contact us if you’re interested in buying a new suspension for your Lancia Delta HF Integrale and EVO models, I’m sure we can give you some advice for the best solution to choose for your specific application: 

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