Lancia Delta 8V Exhaust Manifold T2
Lancia Delta 8V Exhaust Manifold
Lancia Delta 8V Exhaust Manifold T2
Lancia Delta 8V Exhaust Manifold T2
Lancia Delta 8V exhaust manifold and engine
Lancia Delta 8V exhaust manifold
Lancia Delta 8V exhaust manifold
Lancia Delta 8V Exhaust Manifold T3 shot peened
Lancia Delta 8V exhaust manifold T3

Lancia Delta 8V - Standard 304 Exhaust Manifold

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Lancia Delta 8V - Standard Style Exhaust Manifold 304

The Lancia Delta 8V Exhaust Manifold 304 is made exclusively for and revisited by us. It is designed to use less welded joints as possible thanks to the mandrel bend tubing’s. This setup allows to achieve the best cost to performance ratio.

Our manifolds are designed with a 34mm inner diameter, to cope best with the exhaust ports of the Lancia Delta 8V head. These headers allow to reduce the 8V problem of burned valves by allowing the exhaust gas to flow more freely out of the port especially on 3rd and 4th cylinders. When an exhaust gas pulse exits a header tube into the collector, a negative pressure wave is created that travels back up the header tube to the exhaust port during valve overlap. This negative pressure helps pull any remaining exhaust gas from the cylinder and also helps draw the incoming intake charge into the cylinder. 

Average power gains are noticable over the whole RPM range, especially large turbo application will benefit fitting one of our manifolds. Especially compared to standard type 4-1 manifolds. 

Optional it is also possible to Coat the manifold, with standard or Zircotec coatings, pls. enquire directly via eMail:

We supply a Multi Layer Steel MLS exhaust gasket alongside with the Exhaust Manifold if sold separately € 75.-  

The manifold can be ordered in mainly two Turbo flange variations, which are the following: T2 and T3

Due to space restrictions, we highly recommend to fit a low profile SPAL Radiator Fan. Further to gain more space between manifold and Radiator/Fan, we recommend to install spacers on the top Radiator brackets, giving so more clearance. This operation on A/C equipped cars, needs to be carried out carefully, as space is further limited up front by the A/C heat exchanger.

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