The Basic Lancia Delta HF integrale Tuning Guide by

The Lancia Delta HF Tuning Guide

We are often asked what are the best modifications that can be done to a Lancia Delta HF integrale.

Even if in the meantime the purpose why you buy a Delta has changed a lot, in the more than twenty years that we deal intensively with these vehicles, it shifted also how to tune the car. In former times the Delta was a vehicle and engine that was often heavily tuned and used for Drag-, Circuit-Racing, Time Attack and Hill Climb. So nowadays there are certainly better and more efficient options to succeed in Motor Sports except of course it is about historic rallies ;-)

Nowadays it's still about tuning, although in a slightly different form, in which the main goal is not to change the nature of the vehicle, but at the same time to raise the performance to the level of 2022. We developed and tested different solutions which focus not only on the cars engine performance but more on the overall "feel" of the car how this car should perform nowadays as what we call "Deltarestomod"

So there is still our Basic Lancia Delta HF integrale Tuning Guide: "How to kill a Duck Pecker" which even after all these years has not lost its relevance. Since it still shows with a few steps how to set the cornerstone for Turbo and Engine response and also performance behavior for each further step you gonna go for. Go and check it out here: How to Kill a Duck Pecker

Lancia Delta HF integrale Tuning Guide

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