Lancia Delta M10 Head Stud Kit ARP

Lancia Delta HF integrale - M10 Heavy Duty Head Stud Kit

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Lancia Delta HF integrale - M10 Heavy Duty Head Stud Kit


The ARP M10x1.25 head stud kit is dedicated to high horsepower street applications. We don't recommend using it, if you're intended to go for real high boost and cylinder pressures in this case check the M12 head stud kit.


The use of high tensile strength bolts can lead to cylinder deformation and also cracks. We recommend to bore the cylinder under torque, with a dummy cylinder head installed.

The M10x1.25 thread needs to be cleaned and tapped before install. We recommend to drill also the cylinder head through holes, due to the factory manufacturing process, there might be some inconsistency that might interfere with bolt/studs.

These bolts are not stretch type bolts, thus we highly recommend checking your block for thread quality and cylinder-bore with a ultra-sonic device to ensure having a good block that will keep you happy with the higher tension of the bolts.

Pls. send us an eMail with your special requirements

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