Lancia Delta T3 Gr.A turbo rebuild
Lancia Delta T3 Gr.A turbo rebuild
T3 Turbo Upgrade 8 Compressor Blades - Alfa 75 1.8 Turbo Charger shown
Lancia Delta HF integrale 8 Blades Turbo Compressor upgrade
Lancia Delta Turbo with Semi Cut Back
Lancia Delta HF integrale Semi Cut Back Garrett T3 Turbo exhaust Housing

Lancia Delta - Garrett T3 Gr.A

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Lancia Delta HF Garrett Turbo T3 Gr.A Motorsport Conversion

The Championship winning Gr.A Motorsport Conversion is suitable for all applications in historic motorsport, for vehicles classified according to FIA Fiche, in which the corresponding turbo outer dimensions may not be changed and air restrictors must also be used in some cases.

We offer the Gr.A Motorsport conversion as an upgrade for all EVO1 TBO385 Garrett turbochargers, as well as for the older 8V engines including the conversion to the smaller one-piece exhaust housing to achieve a better boost response and overall performance, please contact us for further informations eMail.

As an option we offer the "Proto" compressor wheel upgrade, with 8 compressor blades and semi-cut back on the turbine wheel for higher power outputs and reduced back pressure. Choose the +Add option once you've choosen which turbo conversion you like to have.

With a conversion of the compressor housing we can also convert 8/16V catalyst turbo models to the larger Gr.A compressor and thus offer a compact plug and play stealth package for power stages up to approx. 360-380 hp these conversions dont have a one piece compressor housing and are therefore not suitable for air restrictors in Racing applications.

The outer shell stays completely stock, so no turbo peripherical modifications are needed, the duck pecker removal is recommended, even though not mandatory.
This Kit T3 Gr.A Motorsport Turbo Conversion is always based on a existing core, all parts are replaced and only compressor cover and exhaust housing will be reused.

We use brand new genuine Garrett Center Housing components, hand assembled and Blueprinted to the highest standards, high quality Motorsport bearings and reduced tolerances to guarantee the best performance in a compact stealth package for up to 360-380hp and low inertia for a good throttle response. Gr.A Motorsport type 360° thrust bearings, guarantee also prolonged higher boost pressures in Motorsport applications without risk of premature failures. We always replace the Waste Gate actuator assembly and adjust the base pressure according to your needs.  

If there’s no turbo available, we’ve also a limited supply of used items in stock to be rebuild or upgraded and buy also used turbos and turbine housings. If you like to further upgrade the Turbo please refer to our SSR380, SSR500 and SSX500 kits or our upcoming G25-550 Lancia Delta HF integrale Kits. 

This item sells on exchange base as an rebuild of your Standard Lancia Delta, Dedra, HPE, Alfa 155 Q4, Thema T3 Turbo and also Alfa 75 1.8 Turbo 

The Turbo Gr.A Motorsport Conversion consists of the following steps:

  • Disassembling of the Turbocharger 
  • Cleaning and sandblasting of the casings
  • Inspection of the casings for cracks*
  • Hand build Garrett Center Housing Rotating Assembly CHRA
  • Blueprinted to tighter tolerances with Motorsport quality journal Bearings
  • 360° Motorsport quality Thrust Bearings
  • Special built in oil restrictor to accomodate thighter tolerances
  • New Waste Gate Actuator assembly
  • Testing of the Waste Gate actuator and preset to standard or customer specification
  • Option on non TB0385 Turbos: New modified Compressor Housing and
    Waste Gate actuator assembly (upgrade to all catalitic Delta Turbo versions)

*In cases we find cracks in the casings, customer will be informed, and options will be discussed. We are able to weld these in a closed Argon filled chamber to avoid any impurities in the process.


The Turbo rebuild price is based on a standard base rebuild. Once your turbo will be sent in, it will be disassembled and inspected, important core refund is only applicable if the turbo parts can be reused. This will allow us to make you a quote depending on the parts that need to be replaced. As for special application such as porting and polishing if needed pls. specify and contact us with your specific needs. There is generally a short supply of turbine housings (hot side), it is crucial that the turbo supplied allows us to reuse this crucial part. 

A semi cut back of the turbine wheel can be performed to reduce back pressure in high boost and RPM applications. Please contact us for any enquiries: 

We recommend modifying the turbo intake to get the best results. To get rid of the “Duck Pecker” consult our tuning guide

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