Lancia Delta T3 Gr.A turbo rebuild
Lancia Delta T3 Gr.A turbo rebuild

Lancia Delta - Garrett T3 Gr.A

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Lancia Delta - Garrett T3 Gr.A rebuild

This item sells only as a upgrade of your Standard Lancia Delta T3 Turbo as used on 8V catalitic, 16V non catalitic and EVO2 Turbos. 

The upgrade consists of a complete rebuild including all seals of your standard CHRA, that will include Motorsport type 360° thrust bearings, matching of the housings, semi cut back of the turbine wheel to reduce back pressure and and rotating mass depending on the engine build and RPM Rev range.

For all Motorsport applications we use all new genuine Garrett Center Housing Rotating Assembly CHRA that will be modified with Motorsport grade 360° thrust bearings to allow prolonged high boost applications and long term reliability. 

On all 8V and 16V catalitic turbos including Fiat Coupé and Alfa Romeo 155 Q4 we offer a Big Comoressor concersion. Therefore the Compressor housing will be machined or replaced by a new one to accept the larger Compressor wheel. This is the perfect Stealth solution for all owners to keep the engine bay completly stock, while retaining power capabilities up to 380hp depending on engine. 


The Turbo rebuild price is based on a standard rebuild. Once your turbo will be send in, it will be disassembled and inspected. This will allow us to make you a quote depending on the parts that need to be replaced. As for special application such as porting and polishing if needed. There is generally a short supply of compressor housings, sonits crucial that the turbo supplied allows to reuse this crucial part. 

A semi cut back of the turbine wheel can be performed to reduce back pressure in high boost and RPM applications. Please contact us fornfurther Details. 

We recommend to modify the turbo intake to get the best results. To get rid of the “Duck Pecker” consult our tuning guide. 

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