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21.01.2021 Another Lancia Delta Martini 6 sold at Bonhams

They did it again, another Lancia Delta has been sold at the Bonhams
Scottsdale online auction. The bidding at the beginning was a little bit
unmotivated, maybe also due to the missing live bidders.

Lancia Delta HF integrale Martini 6 at Bonhams Scottsdale Auction

The hammer hit at USD 162'500.- this before inevitable auction fees. So the
Delta Market does still perform strong. Our guess that the US Market has still a urge to buy these cars has been proven right.

Lancia Delta Quo Vadis?

The Lancia Delta seems to be completely unaffected by the worldwide COVID crisis and still performing strong in the market. While the big brands such as alike Porsche and Ferrari seem to have had a little pushback from the last year. The Delta and also Lancia in General seems to be unaffected.

For sure the tumble of the import stops for the US of America market due to the 20-year import ban legislation. Led to a completely new market with huge potential buyers. And yes the USA seems to be hungry for these Rally icons that have been for so many years almost a forbidden dream to some that now has come true. We are confronted with a lot of enthusiast’s requests from the USA at the moment. Looking for their dream Lancia Delta HF integrale to come true and we are happy to help!

In the RM Sothebys Auctions, results are quite strong, reaching Top Money prices which reach three times the official swiss list price from 1994 quoted at CHF 57’000.- as seen now with the mint condition Limited Edition Lancia Delta HF integrale EVO2 Bianco Perla, in pearl white with blue leather interior. Sold for € 137'500.- including buyers fees.

Lancia Delta HF integrale Bianco Perla RM Sotheby's Auction

Lancia Delta S4 Martini ex works

Same strong path ist taking also the Lancia Delta S4 which in it's battle mode Martini Works dress, just looks stunning. Which was sold for at the RM Sotheby's Auction for € 770'000.- including buyers fees

Lancia Delta S4 Martini ex works side view

Lancia Delta S4 Martini RM Sotheby's Auction

Source 6.10.2020

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