IAW - WEBER ECU Monitor for Lancia Delta - Gauge
IAW - WEBER ECU Monitor for Lancia Delta - Four Gauge setup
IAW - WEBER ECU Monitor for Lancia Delta - Digital Output
IAW - WEBER ECU Monitor for Lancia Delta - Workshop Version

IAW ECU Diagnosis Monitor

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IAW - Iniezione Accensione Weber ECU Monitor 

Due to the current Covid19 crisis, the supplier of the LCD Touch Screen had to close business, which makes it impossible to sell the ECU Monitor in the current version any longer. Good news is, the new and improved version of the IAW Diagnosis Monitor with a more capable touch screen and featurers is already in final stages of it's development and will be soon available to the public. Feel free to contact us if you wann be one of the first Deltisti to grab the updated version of our Monitor: info@speedshop.ch

Old version: The IAW ECU Monitor is the perfect monitoring and diagnosis device for your Lancia Delta HF integrale - or almost any vehicle equipped with the Weber IAW injection/ignition System, such as the Ford Sierra and Escort Cosworth, Alfa 155 Q4, Fiat Tipo and many others. Special versions available for PECTEL and RP-Lap equipped cars. Also available is the Workshop version with all protocols integrated.

Main Features:

  • Input via Touch sensitive Panel 
  • Analog Gauge display: 1 large Gauge, or up to 4 small Gauges
  • Digital display of 6 or up to 12 configurable outputs simultaneously
  • Unit is fully adaptive to User needs (outputs, colors etc.)
  • Log function to MiniSD card
  • Bespoke Log Analysis PC Software
  • Error Codes read out and erase function
  • Active diagnosis feature, allows to drive solenoids for test purpose
  • Personalized install position: Central Air-Vent, Radio Compartment, Storage Compartment above Oil-Temp/Pressure gauges, also with or without carbon cover plate


All standard supports are in black GRP Material, with an addition of € 20.- to each unit, a real Carbon Fiber plate can be supplied, be sure to apply Carbon Support to your basket before final Check-out. Pictures shown are with optional Carbon plate.

Due to the many configuration possible, every unit is custom made to customer specification. Please contact us via eMail info@speedshop.ch with the model, year of your car and favourite position of the display.


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