Oil Feed Line for Turbo Lancia Delta 7768919

Lancia Delta - Turbo Oil Feed Line

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Lancia Delta - Turbo Oil Feed Line

Oil feed line in OEM Quality - Never changed it so far? The stock oil feed line is main culprit of many turbo failures. The Oil feed line is attached to the cast exhaust manifold, on a hot run the manifold still carries a lot of heat, once the engine shut downs and the oil supply comes to a halt, the heat transfers into the oil feed line heating up the resident oil in the line, which causes the oil to carbonise and which gets carried into the center housing and therefore into the journal bearings at every run.



OEM Feed line fits with no modifications into stock location.


We recommend to cut the support bracket to the manifold, to avoid the carbonisation problems, know in the standard application. We highly recommend to swap the oil feed line, everytime the turbo is removed or replaced, we see it as mandatory.

OEM Reference Number: 7768919

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