Lancia Delta HF cambelt water pump kit
Lancia Delta HF integrale Water Pump
Lancia Delta HF integrale Water Pump
Lancia Delta HF cambelt kit bearing
Lancia Delta HF integrale

Lancia Delta HF integrale - Full Cambelt Service Kit

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Lancia Delta HF integrale - Cambelt Service Kit 8/16V

The complete Lancia Delta Cambelt Service kit contains all the items you need to do the Job properly, by replacing all the running bearings of the cambelt and counter balancing shafts drive.

  • Cambelt main drive
  • Cambelt double tooth balancing shafts
  • V-Belt Alternator/Water Pump
  • Tension Bearing main drive
  • Bearing support Countershaft Belt
  • Bearing tensioner Countershaft Belt
  • Bearing Countershafts (4x)
  • Rear Countershafts seals
  • Water Pump


We recommed to take out the engine, to allow full acces to all items, without the need of creating any collateral damage. Engine out gives also the possibility to attack also the main reliability culprits, which are difficult to replace with a installed engine:

  1. Upper Oil pan gasket
  2. Clutch slave cylinder
  3. Brake master cylinder 
  4. Oil leakage power steering
  5. Thermostat
  6. Clutch Kit

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