Lancia Delta HF integrale - Sport Camshaft Kits 16V
Lancia Delta HF Integrale Camshaft Fast Road Race
Lancia Delta HF 16V Valve Spring
Lancia Delta Fast Road intake camshaft

Lancia Delta HF integrale - Sport Camshaft Kits 16V

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Lancia Delta - Steel Camshaft Kits 16V

The offers a wide array of Lancia Delta Camshafts. Please contact us with your specific requirements to find your suitable Camshaft Kit: eMail

The Pro Street SS1 and SS2 are especially designed for Fast Road, Trackday and Rally Sport. Both Camshaft kits work exceptionally well in conjuction with our CNC heads. For Fast Road, Trackday and Race applications we recommend our SR1 camshaft kit. These unleash the power of the Lampredi 16V engine and allow to rev the Turbo 16V engine up to 8K with the proper valve train modifications.  

  • Pro Street SS1 Intake: 10.1 mm / Exhaust OEM [Lift @ OEM]
  • Pro Street SS2 Intake: 11.3 mm / Exhaust: 9.8 mm [Lift @ 0.5 mm]
  • Pro Street SS3 Intake: 11.4 mm / Exhaust: 9.9 mm [Lift @ 0.5 mm]
  • Pro Race SR1 Intake; 11.7 mm / Exhaust: 9.8 mm [Lift @ 0.5 mm]

Rally Sport Camshaft Selection - Abarth Works Team*

Diagram Lift mm TDC mm Clearance
73/33° 8.65 1.0 0.45 Exhaust
10.20 2.0 0.40 Intake
40/80 11.14 2.2 0.40 Intake
10.60 2.0 0.40 Intake

Street type camshaft are designed and manufactured to be used without further modifications to the valvetrain in Stock or performance oriented Engines. In both  SS2 and SS3 we recommend to use the Spring/Retainer Kits which are available separately in the drop down menue. For 8V Camshaft Kits see bespoke section.

The Race Type Camshaft will always need further modifications to the valve train.
Most of the camshaft listed are always build and shipped to order with an average lead time of 2 weeks.

Please contact us previous to purchase with your desired setup, we're happy to help you with your Camshaft selection: eMail

*All Abarth Type Camshafts are made to order and can't be purchased via online Shop please contact us via eMail. 

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