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Lancia Delta HF integrale Montecarlo Wheel 9.0x17 forged
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GrA | Race Heritage - Forged Wheels Series

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GrA | Race Heritage - Forged Wheels series

The exclusive “Gr.A - Race Heritage Series” Aero style “Rally” and “Montecarlo” wheel design, as used by the official Martini Lancia Delta HF integrale works team in the 1991 season in 9.25x17 and also the later Grifone ESSO Team

The classic Racing Rallye wheel designs in new clothes. We bring the Old School Rally Style back to life. Available in 9.0x17 (other sizes on request) with PCD's ranging from 4x98-5x108 we can supply these wheels also for BMW M3 E30, Ford Sierra and Escort Cosworth, Toyota Celica, Mitsubishi Lancer EVO and finally Mercedes Benz 190 Series. eMail us with your specific needs. Price shown is for the 9.0x17 wheel set.

Manufactured and CNC machined from a billet 6061 T6 Aerospace grade alloy, for maximum strength and weight saving. We offer the “GrA - Race Heritage Series” by currently in three exclusive designs. The classic “Montecarlo” style and the Aero type “Rally” in two options, with long and short spokes.

The Forged wheels are the true top-of-the-line when it comes to manufacturing process, thus also used on high performance cars from factory. They start as a solid block of billet aluminum, which then has heat and pressure applied until it forms the shape of a wheel and gets finally CNC machined. We offer the “Gr.A – Race Heritage” Series wheels at a lower price point to our “Custom Forged” Wheel series, due to the fact that we can rely on standard forged barrels, compared to the fully customizable design and dimension options in the “Custom Forged” series, which makes up also for the most exclusive wheel setups.

The forging process makes the wheel material structure incredibly dense, while still allowing them to be 25-30% lighter than cast wheels, despite three times the strength. The forging process therefore allows for more strength with less material used, which also means additional room for things like larger brake components.

Cast wheels in same size and design can be up to 3-4.5kg heavier compared to a forged wheel.  Straight line performance gains, due to the fact, that less energy is needed to accelerate the wheels as these would work as an energy storage absorbing more kinetic energy.


All wheels are bespoke made to customer specification, we carry only a small stock of these, thus width, diameter, ET and colors are always customizable to a certain extent, see “Custom Forged” Series for more options. Therefore, all order takes an average of 6-8 weeks for production, contact us for further info’s eMail: 

Wheel decals and fitting material are sold separately, see separate section for Nuts and Studs kits.


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