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Zu verkaufen Lancia Delta HF integrale EVO - Blu Lord
A vendere Lancia Delta HF integrale Blu Lord
Vendesi Lancia Delta Integrale Blu Lord
Blu Lord Lancia Delta HF for Sale
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A vendre Lancia Delta HF integrale Blu Lord
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HF Evoluzione 2 16V seam welded Chassis
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Delta Integrale - For Sale EVO2 Blu Lord
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For Sale: Lancia Delta HF integrale Blu Lord

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Lancia Delta HF integrale EVO Blu Lord | Build your Delta Restomod

For Sale is a complete car in process of it's restoration. This gives you an uniqe opportunity to specify your Dream Delta HF integrale and Restomod to your specifications. 

To this stage the car has been completly stripped, the chassis has undergone a complete rebuild, which started from a full bare to metal color strip. It has been seam welded like an "Alta Moda" Suit and reinforced with the 2.0 Gr.A Abarth strengthening kit by one of italys Race Chassis Maestros. It has received several upgrades which are not visible with bare eye, such as the door sills roll bar reinforcement or water pump recess for optimized servicing. At the end of this process the whole chassis has received a cataphorese bath to reach all enclosures and prevent it from rusting. The chassis alone is a piece of art, which is now ready to go to the body shop to get its base coating and color of choice, if it has to be something different from it's standard Blu Lord.

This modification will bring the Delta into this century and will leave you speechless compared to a standard car, especially if equipped with the right suspension according to the new torsional strength of this chassis.


The Interior can also be customised to your personal preferences, it comes as standard with the Camel Beige Alcantara Recaro Highback seats, but it can be fully transformed to keep up with the Chassis Capabilities with Recaro Pole Position for instance. At this stage it would be also possible to build a full or semi roll cage if desired.

Engine/ transmission

The car would be equipped with the standard 215hp engine, but essentially any tuning stage would be feasible depending on the Country of destination according to the emissions laws.

The car can be bought as is, which is bare chassis with all the parts supplied, or finished and rebuild to the custom spec desired, for pricing please ask.

Asking price is rebuild chassis with all parts, which already have been overhauled to some extend. The pictures included of the interior are possible alterantives available to customize it to your likes.

Feel free to contact us and discuss all the details, car location is Switzerland:

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